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Vanguard V5 Advance Extinguishing Panel We manufacture our own V5 Advance range of Fire Extinguishing Panel ranging from 1 to 136 zones. All panels are tested to comply to BS EN 54-2, BS EN 54-4 and SS CP10.

The solid state electronics makes the V5 Advance Panel highly reliable and rugged. Standard cross-zoned detection verification further reduces unwanted release of extinguishant.

The V5 Advance Panel is designed for use with water / gas based fire extinguishing agents such as FM200, Inert Gas, CO2 and Water Mist.

Fire Extinguishing Panel is usually used to provide protection for rooms containing very high asset value or mission critical equipment.

Vanguard understands the types of risk that a V5 Fire Extinguishing Panel is required to protect and has built into the V5 Advance panel a comprehensive range of monitoring circuits to ensure timely detection of any fault developing in the panel.

In addition to the standard features, the V5 Fire Extinguishing Panel is provided with a range of upgradeable features.

Vanguard V5 Advance Fire Extinguishing Panel Standard Features:

 Gas Control ModuleSCM Extg Pnl  color coded buttons
 Gas Control Module System Control Module Color-coded & Numbered Control Buttons

Available up to 136 zones
: Suitable for virtually any projectAuxilliary Control Module

Easy to use: LED indicated guided operation. The blinking LED guides operator actions.

Dedicated isolation buttons: Simple one-press isolation with LED confirmation. No ambiguity.

Colour Coded and Numbered Buttons: Enables new operator to be guided over the phone.

Digital Countdown Timer : Clear indication of the time to release - removes ambiguity.

Compatibilty: Works with any make of listed detectors and alarm devices results in lower operating cost.

Minimum maintenance requirement: Fire alarm system can be maintained by any fire maintenance contractor. No proprietary tools or software required.

Diagnostics facilities: comprehensive range of status indicators allows fast and easy fault troubleshooting and rectification.

Solid state electronics: Rugged and reliabe operation.

Compliance to regulation: CP10, EN54 Part 2 & 4

Approval: PSB listed from 1 to 136 zones

Vanguard V5 Advance Fire Extinguishing Panel's  Upgradeable Features:

LCD Display Unit

1. LCD Display Unit provides:

LCD Displays: Provide log of 1st and 2nd Detection, Manual Release and System Discharge events together with date and time.
Very useful during post event review.

999 Event Log: Stores the last 999 alarm and fire records for easy access.
Elimnates human recording errors.

Centralised event log: The LCD unit can be networked to record events of other V5 Advance Extinguishing Panels

This feature can be retrofitted into existing V5 Advance Extinguishing Panels.

2. Auxiliary Control Module (ACM) and Status Indicator Module (SIM)
The ACM and SIM allows the V5 Hybrid Fire Alarm Panel to be
expanded to accomodate additional monitoring inputs such as pump 
and tank status indication or control additional outputs for activation
of fans and shutters.

Each module provide 8 additional inputs or outputs.Status Indicator Module

3. Hardwire Addressable Upgrade
The V5 Advance Fire Extinguishing Panel can be upgraded into an addressable panel where it can record and display the address of each detector that is in alarm. This hardwire addressable feature works with ANY conventional detector. The addressable feature is an add-on to the system. It functions independently. Any failure in the addressable feature does not affect the normal function of the panel in any way. The address, zone, date and time of alarm are stored in the LCD display unit's 999 event memory and can be printed out if required.

Guardview Graphical Alarm Management StationGuardview - Graphical Alarm Management Station
The Guardview offers user a graphical interface to manage the entire Fire Extinguishing System. It works with conventional as well as with the hardwire addressable system. The Guardview runs from a Windows based PC. 

During an alarm, the relevant alarm zone is displayed by the Guardview system. If the system has implemented the hardwire addressable upgrade, then the location of the alarmed detector is also indicated.

The Guardview records all alarm events in its database. The system allows events t be sorted based on my criteria and allows the information to be printed out.

The Guardview software allows user to add, modify and delete zone diagrams and detector addresses into the system. Access to the administrative functions are password protected. Three levels of access are available and numbers of users are unlimited.